(E12-Sentier Littoral) Banyuls-sur-Mer -Cerbère
4 points of interest

Arago Laboratory

In the early 1880s, the zoologist Henri De Lacaze Duthiers prospected the Mediterranean Coast to establish a marine station. In 1882, the Arago Laboratory opened its doors at its current location, and the public aquarium was inaugurated in 1884. The laboratory welcomed scientists who wanted to advance marine science. The research structures were regularly expanded to welcome new researchers who contributed to the renown of the laboratory.
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Le Dôme

Located on the north face of the Cape of Abeille, the "Dome" owes its name to its configuration. This site has a large rocky outcrop approximately 70 meters long and 15 meters wide and has some major faults. The depth varies between 10 meters to the south and 19 meters to the north. The interest of the site is around and on the Dome (between 12 meters and 5 meters).
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Viewpoint orientator of Cap Rederis

Enjoy this panoramic point of view to observe the landscape.
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The José Illueca

Cargo of 1922 built in Gdansk, it is bought in 1942 by José Illueca armament of Las Palmas. Sunk in 1944 in front of Port-Vendres by British fighters, it now lies 79 meters deep between Caps Peyrefitte and Canadell. Because of its depth, this wreck is only accessible to Trimix Hypoxic divers (diving beyond 70 meters).
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Altimetric profile

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