Sentier littoral - The bay of Paulilles
(E 12 - Coastal Path) From Banyuls to Port-Vendres
Sentier littoral - The bay of Paulilles

3. Sentier littoral - The bay of Paulilles

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A short walk between two bathings and a little bit of history…
Between beach and historic site you’ll discover the exceptional site of the Handle of Paulilles. Visit the old Nobel dynamite factory of and the Catalan barque’s workshop


  1. Begin the walk from the Beach of Bernardi, walk along the beach southward, cross the river bed and take the path which leads to  the promontary. Continue the path along the fences and come back to the bed of Cosprons. Take the left headed for the beach.
  2. There are two possibilities :
- Take a break and discover the conservation area of Paulilles (free entrance). Then use the first opening of the German wall..
- Or, cross the beach to return to the coastal path  in the direction of Banyuls. At the extremity, go into the opening in the wall of the Germans, continue on the path which leads to the hamlet of the Fourat and to the third beach, then follow the fitted path until Banyuls-sur-Mer.

Tucked between the Cape Béar and the Cape Oullestrell, the old dynamite factory Nobel was restored magnificently in 2008, thanks to  the Conservatory of the coastline and  to the General Council of the Pyrénées-Orientales. The richness of its history, the beauty of its landscapes, the spirit of the place and the renovation respectful of its memory and forward-looking already make it one  of the most interesting sites of the territory. There are a lot of activities like the Catalan barque’s workshop .
  • Departure : Bernardi Beach
  • Arrival : Bernardi Beach
  • Towns crossed : PORT-VENDRES

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You enjoy nature, You like it, take care of it

Along the hiking trail, rubbish bins are at your disposal.
Every month over tens of thousands of hikers and walkers visit this exceptional site. Please do not litter and use the rubbish bins (glass, plastic, rubbish etc...). Also, please dispose of any litter you might find along the trail.
Help keep this site clean with simple yet essential gestures. Lets give back to nature what nature gave us.

The summer is the best period to visit Paulilles. To park easily we advise you to come before 10 am. You can also use a bus (1€). Bus stop : Paulilles.


Parking lot of Paulilles

Access and parking

Parking :

Car park Bernardi beach car park Paulilles


Emergency number :114