Argelès Nature Trail 2020 (40km)
Trail running
Argelès Nature Trail 2020 (40km)

Argelès Nature Trail 2020 (40km)

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The most athletic !

3 points of interest

  • Geology

    Le champ filonien du val de la Massane

    The wild gorges of the Massane are dug through the most metamorphic rocks (transformation of minerals under the effect of pressure or temperature) of the Massif des Albères. The most remarkable geological character is the presence of numerous leucocratic magmatic injection veins (rock made up of clear minerals). These veins are of all sizes but one of the most remarkable, of kilometer size, outcrops at the foot of the Tower of Massane (BRGM).
  • Cultural heritage

    Tour de la Massane

    This watchtower, built by the Kings of Majorca, offers an exceptional point of view on the Plaine du Roussillon. At 793 meters altitude, the tower is a landmark for hikers of the massif. The famous Cassini cartographer even used it as a geodesic landmark in 1701 for his meridian work. He manages to find a difference of 397 toises between the foot of the Tower and Collioure (an altitude of 780 meters). Rather precise for the time, no?
  • Dolmen

    Dolmen dels Collets de Cotlliure

    Find this dolmen on the path that connects the Château de Valmy to the Tour de la Massane. The path will lead you first to the Dolmen de la Cova de l'Alarb, then you will arrive directly at the Dolmen del Collets area. Open your eyes and look around. The dolmen is there but in poor condition.


New year, new paths, new challenges to take up. We are waiting for you. This 40 km loop is made for experienced athletes. Paths and tracks (Difference in height or level : 3000m)  are proposed passing by the most outstanding sites of the Albères massif, La Tour de la Massane, the Château d'Ultrera, Le Pic Neulos, the Pic des 4 Termes . An exceptional loop awarded with 2 ITRA Points.
  • Departure : Valmy Castle
  • Arrival : Valmy Castle


Before setting off on a trail, consult the weather conditions as well as the conditions of access to the massif during the fire vigilance period. Respect the work of farmers, operators and owners. Close the fences, do not cut the routes across fields. Return all your waste to the voluntary collection points at the start of your hike. Trail courses are also very suitable for hiking.

Access and parking

Parking :

Valmy carpark

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