(E 12 - GR 92) From Portbou to Cerbère
(E 12 - GR 92) From Portbou to Cerbère

(E 12 - GR 92) From Portbou to Cerbère

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A common history and a path to link two countries.


From the Port-Bou tourist office, head towards the beach on the left, climb the stairs.

  1. Continue on the carrer de Jordi, to reach the heights of Port-Bou, the route continues with a cemented road which passes in front of a wooden house.
  2. Continue on a path towards the Col des Balistres, to reach the Memorial.
  3. From the border, cross the RD914 to join the path on the left and continue on Crete.
  4. Go down the path that winds up to the solar lighthouse.
  5. Bypass the solar lighthouse, take the path through the garrigue on the right, follow the pedestrian path to the cemetery and descend by the sidewalk along the RD 114 towards the city center (BIT Cerbére).
  • Departure : Tourist Office of Portbou
  • Arrival : Lighthouse of Cap Cerbère
  • Towns crossed : CERBERE

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