La Moulade
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La Moulade

La Moulade

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La Moulade : the Mediterranean  concentrated on this site
Dive » in the history and on the military training campsite CNEC

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  • History

    Le CNEC

    This site is the training place for military interns at the National Commando Training Centre (CNEC). Supervised by army divers, the trainees must complete the course of Audace Nautique (PAN), one of the most feared exercices. After 24 hours of non-stop maneuvers, soldiers equipped with heavy boots and rifles must cross many underwater obstacles. Put yourself in the shoes of combat swimmers (F.Brun - Le Roussillon Submarine - Ed. GAP).


At the foot of the Fortress of Collioure there’s a small ledge out of the water almost completely covered with mussels (That explains the name of the dive : La Moulade) This site accessible to everybody offers an exceptional diversity.

For the snorkelers, the shallow rocky plateau allows you to discover from the surface, starfish, sea urchins, octopus and various schools of fish, or even some years, rays! On the dive side, letting you slide down the slope up to 9 meters, you might bump into a seahorse.

Always with the reef on the right, there is a clearing where castagnole (Chromis ) and Sar (Diplodus sargus) share the place near the little wrasses. Delighted by this show, then running 15 meters deep to join the coralligenous, On this live reef , we can discover some tens of holes sheltering beautiful lobsters, mostelles (phycis) and congers. Discovering the top of the parapies lined with "sea potatoes " one can see, between parazohantus and hydraires, various slugs all more colorful than each other, thuridilles, giant dories, flabellines and the famous banyulensis endemic to our coast.

Back to lesser depth, returning to the rocky plateau, a huge fault appears separating the rock in two parts.The left wall is absolutely exceptional and completely covered by a multitude of “sea sponges” Then go up inside the fault while returning to the "roof" where barracudas and mules twirl backlit.
The dive ends in a magical atmosphere making the Moulade an exceptional dive site because of its different environments.

Returning to the boat in the middle of the fish banks on a shallow depth can extend the diving time to more than an hour for the happiness of all divers!

  • Departure : Port d'Argelès-sur-Mer, de Collioure, de Port-Vendres, Banyuls-sur-Mer et Cerbère
  • Arrival : Port d'Argelès-sur-Mer, de Collioure, de Port-Vendres, Banyuls-sur-Mer et Cerbère
  • Towns crossed : COLLIOURE


Go safe and be supervised by professional scuba diving from all the ports of the Côte Vermeille.

Argelès Plongée: 06 78 48 76 30 / 06 83 89 96 90 - Résidence Santa Maria Rue des Matelots
Aquatile Plongée: 06 16 51 31 06 - Résidence Atalaya 2 Place Magellan
Archipel Plongée: 04 68 95 71 03 / 06 25 59 35 77 - 8 Résidence les Villégiales
La Sirène Plongée : 04 68 81 60 58 – Camping la Sirène, route de Taxo
CIP Collioure: 04 68 82 07 16 - 24 Rue Ravin du Coma Xeric
Paradis des bulles: 06 70 55 69 18 - Quai Fanal
Tech of Plongée: 06 58 55 41 04 -2 Quai Fanal
CAP Port-Vendres: 04 34 12 09 27 - 4 rue Jules Ferry
Scuba Passion: 06 07 56 03 73 - Plage des Tamarins Route de la Jetée
Rédéris Plongée: 04 68 88 31 66 - Quai A Port Parking Méditerranée
AquaBlue Plongée: 04 68 88 17 35 - 5 Quai Georges Petit
Plongée Bleue: 07 85 75 67 45- 10 quai Georges Petit
Aloès Plongée: 06 33 33 18 44 - Résidence les Aloes Cap Peyrefite
Plongée Cap Cerbère: 04 68 88 41 00 - Route d'Espagne