Sorède-Ultrera-Vallée Heureuse
Sorède-Ultrera-Vallée Heureuse

Sorède-Ultrera-Vallée Heureuse

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  • Fauna

    La Vallée des tortues

    In a natural area just before La Vallée Heureuse” in Sorède, meet the unusual ... La vallée des tortues presents animals from 5 continents. From the 300kg giant turtles to the dangerous snapping turtles, but also other wild animals: meerkats, armadillos, snakes ... Every day the park offers free entertainment: feeding, contact with turtles, weighing giant turtles, meeting snakes and lizards, tasting marmosets, photos with mascots ... and guided tour for young and old during which the bravest can touch a snake. A true oasis in the heart of the Albères!


From the Tourist office of Sorede, take a left onto rue de la Caserne, then continue straight on.

  1. Cross the footbridge and reach  the paved street. Bypass the statue  of Christ,. and continue on the road in the direction of Notre-Dame-du-Château.
  2. At the intersection, continue in direction of Notre-Dame-du-Château and begin the climb on the DFCI- AL33.
  3. At the sign, leave the trail to join the path on right. Or you can choose to continue to Notre- Dame-du-Château by the trail (1,6 kms more).
  4. When the path leads to the paved road turn left and continue to climb up to the Ermitage. From Notre-Dame-du-Château, take the path at the end of the paved road to reach the ruins of the Ultrera Castle. Be careful.  The last few meters are steeper. Warning in case of wind.
  5. Come back down to Notre-Dame-du-Château and take the trail DFCI headed for Mas del Ca. Continue to follow the winding trail and you will be treated to a panoramic view of the “Happy Valley” and the Pic Néoulous. Go through the gate and close it behind you.
  6. Take the paved road on right. Leave the first bridge and continue to descend.  Pass the next bridge and continue on about 100 meters to the animal park “La Vallée des Tortues”. On the right, take the descending path parallel to the road and enter the clearing of Mas del Ca.
  7. Below the clearing, behind the picnic area, find a path that runs along a stream. Follow it to the left towards  Sorede. At the intersection take right and  go down the path. Continue in the woods to arrive at the entrance of the housing estate.
  8. At the exit of the housing estate, take the path on right while crossing the river. Come back towards the Tourist Office. After a driving rain the passage can be difficult to navigate. In that case take  the street of Moulin.Cassanyes
  • Departure : Tourist Office of Sorede
  • Arrival : Tourist Office of Sorede
  • Towns crossed : SOREDE

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You enjoy nature, You like it, take care of it...

Along the hiking trail, rubbish bins are at your disposal.
Every month over tens of thousands of hikers and walkers visit this exceptional site. Please do not litter and use the rubbish bins (glass, plastic, rubbish etc...). Also, please dispose of any litter you might find along the trail.
Help keep this site clean with simple yet essential gestures. Lets give back to nature what nature gave us


Bus stop (1€) at 200 meters of the Sorede Tourist Office.

Access and parking

D 914, D2

Parking :

Cityhall carpark of Sorède