Trail the tops of the forts (short version)
Trail running
Trail the tops of the forts (short version)

Trail the tops of the forts (short version)

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Discover the forts on the heights of Collioure.
You will be charmed throughout this trail by the beaches and coves of Collioure, the "Colliourenques" landscapes seen from the forts and the pretty mill in the middle of olive trees.

4 points of interest

  • Cultural heritage

    Royal Castle of Collioure

    Built in the 13th century to house the court of the Kings of Majorca, the Royal Castle of Collioure has been listed as a historical monument since 1922. Reinforced many times, the castle eventually pushed the city back to the foot of the cape turned into a citadel in the 17th century. It is inseparable from Collioure as the city can not be separated from the sea. To return to the heart of the world of the Royal Castle of Collioure, do not forget the guided tours!
  • Cultural heritage

    Fort Dugommier

    Fortress built to monitor the towns of Collioure and Port-Vendres, Fort Dugommier was born in 1893. Because of its strategic location, it sweeps the coast of the eye. However, the Second World War did not spare him by destroying a large part of the fort. He now belongs to an association. Walk pleasant, but beware of the wind because there, it blows!
  • Panorama

    Ouille Beach

    The beach of Ouille, between Collioure and Racou, is a real paradise. This confidential beach is mostly frequented by locals or customers of neighboring campsites. With its small pebbles, it extends about 100 meters below the cliffs of the Côte Vermeille. This beach, very quiet even in high season, however, is not monitored and parking to access is quite far. In short, a great place to be away from the crowd.
  • Cultural heritage

    Fort Miradoux

    In 1669, Vauban who wanted to make Collioure a garrison town, decided to shave the old town and create Fort Miradoux on the site of the old Fort Sainte-Thérèse built around 1540 by Charles V. This fort because of its location was of paramount importance in the defense of the castle. Today, Fort Miradoux, owned by the Army has become the National Commando Training Center (CNEC).


  1. Start from the beach St-Vincent to the royal castle, follow the sea along the beach and typical neighborhood “le faubourg”. Go up to the Collioure Museum of Modern art in the direction of the Cortina mill.
  2. Turn left before climbing the stairs surrounded by olive trees that lead to the Cortina mill. Arrival at the glorieta, magnificent view of the bay of Collioure. Take to the right of the glorieta, in the direction of the Cortina mill.
  3. Arrival at the mill, climb the path that leads to fort St-Elme that rises in front of you. Continue on this path that passes under the fort, until the first crossing, go straight. At the second crossing turn left, climb the asphalt road that runs along the forts. Take this old road, which goes to the left of fort Dugommier.
  4. Arrival at the Col d’en Raixat (218 yards), take the path on your left. magnificent view from the other side of the Collioure’s forts. Follow this path around the Puig de les Daines (364 yards). Magnificent panorama over Port-Vendres, Banyuls sur mer far away, the fort Béar and the Madeloc tower. At the first crossing take the rising path on the right, then go down to the col Mollo (252 yards) by the very steep dirt trail in the middle of the vegetation at the next change of direction (dangerous descent).
  5. Once reached Col Mollo (252 yards), take the first road down to Collioure on your right. Follow this road that seems to plunge towards the sea through the vineyards, until the arrival in the heart of the city.
  6. Arrive in the city center. Take the direction of the stadium by the asphalt road that rises, follow the stadium and then take on your right. Arrival on the fort Carré trail. Follow the trail to the fort. Continue on the path on the other side that leads to the fort Rond.
  7. Go down to the road, take on your right to reach the old road that goes down to the beach. Follow this one to reach the old road that goes down to the beach. Follow this one to reach the “plage de l’Ouille”.
  8. Arrived at “plage de l’Ouille” take the stairs that stands in the cliff on your right (difficult crossing). Arrive on the coastal path that runs along the sea. Advance to Collioure while seeing Fort Miradou. Take the path on your right to return to the road.
  9. Take the road along the stadium to go down to the town of Collioure. Turn left at the first roundabout and follow Fort Miradou to reach the old Collioure’s streets.
  10. go down to the church of Notre Dame des Anges and its bell tower through the narrow streets. Once you have reached Saint-Vincent beach, return to the royal castle.
  • Departure : Saint Vincent Beach
  • Arrival : Saint Vincent Beach
  • Towns crossed : COLLIOURE and PORT-VENDRES

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Be careful crossing Collioure. Do not throw anything in nature. Stay on the marked trails.


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