The way of cork (VTT)
Mountain Bike
The way of cork (VTT)

The way of cork (VTT)

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For the most sportsmen
(Red color signs « VTT » (mountain bike) n°4)
This path will please you with its landscapes. You’ll cross paths of vineyards and cork oaks and finally a technical descent in the undergrowth

2 points of interest

  • History

    Stèle of airmen

    This place of memory pays tribute to the airmen who disappeared in the plane crash of June 6, 1957. That day, at dawn, a banal exercise mission ended in drama when the plane hit the flank of the mountain. With the shock the plane caught fire, burning  the mountain “l’ Albèra” at the same time. Six men  perished in the flames. The restoration of this monument in June 2017 prevents this place to being forgotten and to continue to live in collective memory.
  • Cultural heritage

    Château de Valmy

    An amazing space leaning against the Albères, embracing the vineyards and the Mediterranean: welcome to the Château de Valmy. Art Nouveau style, it is the work of the Danish architect Viggo Petersen. It is Pierre Bardou, a Peruvian industrialist creator of the brand JOB, who controls this castle for his daughter Jeanne from 1888 to 1900. His descendants are still owners of the castle. They relaunched the wine business and created guest rooms at the Château. Go check it out !


  1. Go down toward the campsite « Les Mimosas » to take the route de la Massane on the right. The fast lane is on the rignt, after 150m. Be careful . Don’t turn under the bridge.
  2. At the next crossing on the left take the road Notre-Dame de Vie et du Faba . This little road crosses the vineyards and serves small and large farmhouses. It  offers an exceptional view of « le Massif des Albères” from where we can cleary see the Ermitage Notre-Dame de Vie and  Saint Julien Chapel.
  3. Take the path DFCI n°36 which climbs slightly, then cross the forest of cork oaks and the meadows of Mas Torrenaps.
  4. At  the intersection, leave the rancho campsite on your right and turn left onto the paved road. Be careful, for a few meters it’s a very hard steep  slope. Then take the path  on the left,  the path DFCI n°28 to climb progressivly in the massif.
  5. Several plateaus  in the massif allow you to catch your breath and  enjoy an exceptional pânorama of the Canigou and the whole plain of Roussillon. Stay on the DFCI path in the shadow of the oak forest .
  6. At  the level of the tank n°372, go up towards the St-Laurent Chapel then pass in front of the ruins of Mas Sant Llorenç. Continue towards the Mas  d'en Calet d'Amunt, Pacareu, Piquemal and finaly the de l'Ours to reach the basin. Start the descent on the DFCI -AL path n°41. Caution in this area, control your speed.
  7. Don’t miss the milestone showing the descent to the Mas d'en Jordi (massive portal).  From this point, the descent become technical, gullied and crossed by several hiking  trails . Be careful !!
  8. While crossing the undergrowth , you will come out on the path  DFCI AL n°42. Take a left  on the path to join the base of VTT mountain bike of Valmy
  • Departure : Valmy carpark (base VTT)
  • Arrival : Valmy carpark (base VTT)
  • Towns crossed : ARGELES SUR MER

Altimetric profile


Follow the red color signs « VTT » (mountain bike)  n°4

Access and parking

Parking :

Valmy carpark (base VTT)