The path of « la Frigoulette”
The path of « la Frigoulette”

The path of « la Frigoulette”

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Heights of Cerbere between vineyards and seaboard
From the Cerbère harbour to the Spanish border this hike will give you a beautiful view of the coast and a part of Spain

1 point of interest

  • Small patrimony

    Turret of "Le Col des Belitres"

    Turret dating from the Second World War. Constituent element of the Mediterranean fortified front made by German forces in 1942 in response to the landing in North Africa which forces the German forces to occupy the free zone.


From the République carpark, near the tourisme Office, cross the RD 914 and take right Anatole France street.

  1. Down the Anatole France street, turn left and take the Ribéral street or "Dominique Mitjaville" street until the tunnel.
  2. In front of the tunnel, take left and climb towards Jean Barrat street to pass under the railway tracks. At the ending of the tunnel, Take the path which climb  straight on until the old border post .
  3. Along the RD 914 walk on 200 meters and turn right to take the wide forest track (DFCI-AL64) until  Puig dels Frare. This track lead to the foot of Serrat del Fito. At the intersection, continue to the track DFCI-AL 64.
  4. At the branching junction, come down towards the DFCI AL67 and cross a little clearing (Pla de las Vacas). Continue on the track DFCI-AL65 until the  Col of Embarselo et the path of the crest. Then take the small tarred road which lead to the place called “La Solane”.
  5. To shorten the hike, at the junction of the Crest Road, turn right and pass under the tunnel to reach downtown.
  6. Otherwise, at the housing project go down to the dead end Al Soula and follow the  Puig Carroitg street. Crossing the footbridge across the railway tracks with a view of the Hotel “The Belvédère of the green ray”. Head down to the stairs and turn left to reach the statue of the Transborders.
  • Departure : Tourism Office of Cerbère
  • Arrival : Tourism Office of Cerbère
  • Towns crossed : CERBERE

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Access and parking

Access by Cerbère (RN 114)